Bilge Water

What is Bilge Water?

The corners of the lowest section of the ship are called bilge. Water that collects there is called bilge water and consists of a mixture of oil, fresh water, chemicals, water from leakages and a mix of other fluids. Bilge water is not exactly water but a mixture of variety of substances. Its a mixture of fresh water, sea water, oil, sludge, chemicals and various other fluids.

So where does all these substances come from?

Sea water and fresh water can find its way to the bilge wells due to leakage in the pipe lines, leaky pump and valve glands, from machinery, propulsion system, overflowing of tanks and even due to accidental spills. All these substances get accumulated in the bilge wells and the mixture formed is known as bilge water.

To lower the weight of the ship it is important to empty the bilge regularly. However, before discharging the bilge contents over board the oil content has to be separated out to avoid contamination of the seas and the hefty fines that can come with it.

The IMO has implemented strict regulations that are set to protect our waters from harmful substances. IMO  MEPC 107 (49), 15ppm, 5ppm


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