Product List

Ultraviolet Disinfection for a safe alternative to chemicals.

RWO’s UV units consist of a reaction chamber with the UV lamp and a separate control cabinet. The UV lamps, which emit over 90% of the total UV emission at the optimum wavelength of 254 nm, are fitted into the reaction chamber and protected by a UV transparent quartz glass. Disinfection of potable water by UV radiation is a safe and reliable alternative to other methods such as chlorination and is also used as final polishing before distribution/prior to consumption. The radiation causes photochemical reactions in the cells of microorganisms, thus inhibiting essential cell functions. UV radiation is most suitable for sterilisation as an exposure to UV-C radiation kills up to 99,9 % of the bacteria and viruses.

Key Features & Benefits

  • No chemicals required
  • No effects on taste and odour
  • No corrosion problems
  • Safe disinfection of drinking water

Easy to operate and maintain

UVS-COM Brochure

Product Range

Chemical free, high quality fresh water system

Water softening for drinking and technical systems

Highly efficient pre-filtration for the removal of suspended particles.

Mineralisation and De-Acidification for healthy, potable water.

Safely treat on board water with chemicals