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State-of-Art Galley Water Pretreatment

Waters originating from ship galleys contain grease, fats, oils and food waste. RWO’s Grease Interceptor treats galley water efficiently utilizing the principle of gravity; Substances heavier than the water settle down while lighter substances, such as grease and oil, rise. The pre treated water that remains in the middle of the tank can then be fed into RWO’s wastewater treatment systems for further and final treatment. The Grease Interceptor thus helps l prolong the lifetime of costly sewage treatment plants.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy removal of solids and grease (dispose onboard or ashore)
  • Legal and safe operation while discharging
  • Expected lifetime exceeds industrial average even with difficult, acidic or super-alkaline waters
  • Various optional models available for each size
  • No consumables required for operation
  • No bad odour during normal maintenance
  • Accessibility from one side only
  • Compact and robust design in stainless steel 316Ti
  • Two-chamber process, designed in accordance with DIN EN 1825-1:2004
Grease Interceptor Brochure

Product Range

Vacuum maceration pump station for marine sewage treatment plants.

Advanced water purification and advanced wastewater treatment from RWO.

Biological Sewage Treatment maximizing onboard space.