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Discharge clean drains safe and efficient

On board every ship, so called ‘clean drains’ are treated in oil-water separation systems, resulting in strained machines and resources. These clean drains usually contain leakage and condensation from equipment used for seawater, fresh water, steam, air conditioning, etc., which are usually not contaminated by oil.

Based on the IMO guidelines for »Integrated bilge water treatment systems« (IMO MEPC.1/Circ.642), RWO has developed the Bilge-Economiser.

The Bilge-Economiser allows ship operators to discharge so called »clean drains« overboard without any further treatment.

As a consequence the bilge water volume handled by the oily water separator is much smaller, which reduces operating costs significantly.

The Bilge Economiser is an easy to operate stand-alone oil monitor with automatic and manual 3-way valves and is installed after the discharge pump of the clean drain holding tank. As long as the oil content of the clean drain is below the set discharge limit value, it is discharged directly overboard. Whenever the oil content exceeds the set limit value it is diverted to the bilge holding tank for further treatment by the oily water separator.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduced amount of bilge water to be treated
  • Fewer operations of OWS required
  • Smaller size of oily water separator (reduced capex)
  • Increased maintenance intervals and reduced labour cost
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