Consumables for our OWS-COM


The two main consumables for gravity and filter based OWS are coalescers, which are used in the first stage to remove contaminants and impurities and carbon filter cartridges, that separate emulsions into their components in the second stage. 

Based on more than 40 years experience in the maritime sector and our extensive knowledge about the performance and build of oily water separators we have created RWO consumable kits. These kits will not only save you money in handling and freight costs, but will also increase the performance of you system unlike grey market products.

RWO original consumables are available worldwide through RWO’s sales and service network with fast delivery and turnaround times. RWO’s original spare parts are marked ‘RWO original spare parts easy identification. 

Key Features & Benefits of high-quality coalescer
  • High performance material mix, unique fiber structure and density developed for specific filtration demands.
  • Unique production method in order to secure top quality requirements according to original equipment standards.
  • Designed for efficient separation of free oil by coalescent effect optimised for automatic backflush to secure long lifetime operation.
Key Features & Benefits of high-performance adsorber cartridges
  • Easy handling and operation
  • More than twice the service lifetime compared to other cartridges
  • No oil release once adsorbed, cartridge blocks after saturation
  • High efficiency removal of all strong emulsified oils
  • Fulfills requirements of < 5ppm
  • Extended exchange intervals
  • Reduced maintenance costsüSignificant improvement of the total costs of ownership