Cookie Policy and Settings

I. Information about Cookies:

  • What Cookies are?

Cookies are small text files with information, which are stored by the server of a website on the terminal device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) of a visitor/user while navigating it. The website shall retrieve this information on each visit in order to provide relevant services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as stated by the choices made on it (e.g., selecting certain buttons, searches, etc.).

According to European Directives 2002/58/EC, 2009/136/EC and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the storage of information or acquisition of access to stored information in the user terminal equipment is only permitted if the particular user has given his/her consent upon clear and extensive information. An exception to the obligation to obtain consent in accordance with the above paragraph shall be the case of storage and access to information intended solely to ‘the transfer of a communication via an electronic communications network or which is necessary for the provision of an information society service expressly requested by the user or subscriber.

Essentially, the user’s consent is not required for Cookies that are technically necessary to make the connection to the website or to provide the Internet service.

Cookies can be installed by the provider of the website visited by the user (1st party Cookies) or by others through the provider of the website (3rd party Cookies).

  • Way to manage Cookies through the browser

You can set up your web browser in such a way that it warns you of the use of Cookies and      does not allow them to be accepted under any circumstances. In this case certain services and functions may not work. Of course, not choosing this setting is not construed as your will to accept all Cookies without exception.

You can also delete all Cookies already on your device by deleting your browsers history. This will delete all Cookies from all websites you visited from this browser. Please note, however, that some stored data may also be lost (e.g., stored login details, website preferences).

To manage and disable Cookies, you can follow the relevant instructions for each type of browser:

II. Which categories of Cookies are collected through RWO Portal?

On RWO Portal, we use necessary Cookies in order to maintain the connection of users to its online services and to store user/visitorschoices with regard to optional Cookies (Necessary”).

With the consent of visitors/users we will use additional optional Cookies for audience measurement and analysis (Google Analytics) in order to improve the performance and content of the Portal. In addition, visitors/users may share Portal content on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) after giving their consent. During sharing, Social Media platforms install their own Cookies on the visitor/user’s terminal device called 3rd party Cookies. RWO is not related to the installation and use of these Cookies, nor does it collect relevant data. RWO only stores the user’s choice to enable the content sharing option. Information on each category of Cookies is then provided and the visitor/user is able to manage his/her preferences regarding their use. The optional Cookies are by default deactivated and are activated only with positive action of the visitor/user.

The management of your preferences for Portal Cookies can be done through the Cookie Banner when you first visit the RWO website. For any information about our use of Cookies, please contact

  • Mandatory/necessary Cookies

Cookies in this category are necessary for the proper and effective functioning of the Portal. They store information to maintain the user session after connecting to RWO online services through the Portal as well as the visitor/users preferences regarding the use of optional Cookies. The use of mandatory Cookies does not require the consent of the visitor/user.

  • Audience measurement and analysis Cookies (Google Analytics)

Cookies of this category are used to obtain statistics on audience measurement on the Portal in order only to improve its performance and content, provided that the visitor/user has already consented.

For the above purpose we use Google Analytics with hosting it on RWO server and using the function that removes parts of the IP address. With this function, the user/visitor’s IP address when accessing RWO Portal is stored by replacing each of the last three (3) bytes with zero (0). The function that respects the “Do not Track” option is also enabled, which the user can set through his/her browser.

The information collected relates to your web browsing on our Portal, such as the frequency of your visit to the pages, the keywords you use to search, the type of program you use for your browsing, the website from which your visit originated. This statistical information does not identify you, it is not used for any other purpose and is not disclosed to third parties. The information may be notified to the processing company only for the purpose of managing RWO Portal.

Sharing LinkedIn

Cookies for sharing portal content on LinkedIn 

RWO Portal shall provide the possibility of sharing the content of its pages on LinkedIn, provided that the visitor/user has already consented.

By choosing content sharing, LinkedIn installs its own Cookies on the visitor/user’s terminal device (3rd party Cookies). RWO is not related to the installation and use of these Cookies, nor does it collect relevant data. RWO shall only store the user’s choice to enable the relevant option.

More information about the LinkedIn Cookies Policy is available here