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Water softening for drinking and technical systems

Hardness in water is caused by the ions of calcium and magnesium. The hardness of the water is of prime concern for many technical applications because of its scale-forming tendencies. Therefore, some water users onboard ships need softened water, e.g. hot water circuits, laundry water, galley pantry, (staining) boiler feed water, cooling water. We recommend the RWO Drinking Water Softener SOE-COM.

Optimum water quality:

Our water softeners operate using the ion-exchange process. The hardness minerals, calcium and magnesium, contained in the water are exchanged with sodium when flowing through the softener. To set an optimal water hardness between 6 and 8° dH the blending can be optionally integrated into the system. After exhaustion of the ion-exchange capacity the softener will be regenerated with brine.

Minimal resource consumption:

The special control of the plant calculates the required salt and water flow before each regeneration. The resource consumption is significantly reduced because only the actual required quantity of salt and water is used. This protects the environment and reduces operating costs.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Scale inhibitors not required
  • Skid-mounted stand-alone unit in a compact, marine-suitable “plug-and- play” design
  • Saving of chemicals
  • Increased lifetime of water-contacting equipment
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Reliable equipment, safe to operate
  • Designed for start-and-forget operation in periodically
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Product Range

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Highly efficient pre-filtration for the removal of suspended particles.

Mineralisation and De-Acidification for healthy, potable water.

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