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Advanced bilge water monitoring

The combination of the Clean Bilge Monitor CBM with the advanced data analysis and reporting unit LINK offers more reporting and visualization features than the simpler HMI of the CBM+.

The system is designed to monitor and control liquid discharges overboard your vessel in respect of its oil content. The system prevents the discharge of non-compliant oily water mixtures by automatically recirculating the liquid to the bilge water tank if the oil content is above a predetermined limit. Beyond that it can collect and visualize data of other RWO systems on board so that the operator get a full overview in one location.

This system is intended to be installed as a last monitoring and control device in the outlet pipe prior to the overboard discharge valve for safety purposes. Although designed with bilge water in mind other discharges like clean drain e.g. condensate from air conditioners can be monitored as well. The system independently monitors whether the maximum oil content is reached depending on the selected set-point of 5 or 15ppm. Lower set-points can also be chosen on site.

The unit enables the safe discharge of uncontaminated water overboard. However, if there is still oil present and it reaches a specific limit, a 3-way valve automatically returns the liquid to the bilge tank for further treatment. This way compliance with IMO MEPC.107(49), particular sensitive sea areas (PSSA) or other class or vetting regulations can be ensured.

LINK includes an input of GPS data from the ship and multiple electrical potential free contacts that enable the connectivity to the ships’ AMS system.

The system records and stores data on date, time, location, flow rate and oil content of every operation for 18 months. The ships position is shown on the map to provide the operator the full overview. All relevant data is available via the system’s touch screen and can be downloaded. This enables the crew to present the discharge data to port state control or other involved authorities.

The LINK does not require any connection to an existing oily water separator. The housing of this tamper-proof designed unit is locked and any opening of the doors is recorded.

While the ship is in port or restricted areas, a so called “Port Switch” can be enabled. In this mode the 3-way valve is locked in recirculation mode to prevent any overboard discharge.

LINK is the perfect tool to prove that your vessel and crew comply with the respective laws and regulations.

The LINK does not replace a bilge water separator according to IMO Res. MEPC.107(49).

Key Features & Benefits

  • Final Compliance monitoring system directly prior to overboard discharge
  • Easy to read display of oil content graph
  • Map visualization of ships position
  • Tamper proof record of all relevant data
  • Compact plug & play design
  • Tamper proof housing
  • Connectivity to other RWO products
  • High quality components made in Germany
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