We are pleased to announce that MACOR has been appointed as RWO’s official service partner in France. Specialising in ship repair and maintenance with a number of workshops on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts – including one in La Ciotat that specialises in yacht repairs and maintenance – Macor will provide support and technical services to customers in the region.

Lars Nupnau, RWO Business Development Manager, said: “We are delighted to welcome Macor as RWO’s official partner in France. As RWO continues to grow and service new sectors, one of our top priorities has been to expand our international service network to provide customers with enhanced service options, regardless of where they are in the world.”

Xavier DEVAL, Macor Business Director, said: “RWO and Macor both have a long history of providing quality services and solutions to the worldwide maritime sector. Through this partnership, our technical team will provide a range of service options to RWO customers in France. We look forward to working with RWO into the future and are proud to be the latest addition to their service network.”

For more information on RWO’s international service network and the services provided by Macor (www.macor.fr), please contact Lars Nupnau or Xavier Deval.

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