Engineered Systems for fresh water on board ships and offshore platforms.

RWO offers engineered systems for potable water. These systems are based on reverse osmosis desalination, delivering an independent and reliable fresh water supply onboard ships and offshore facilities. The SRO is easy to operate, economical and producing potable water of the highest standard. RWO’s SRO product line covers a wide range of capacities and accessories
to meet the needs of passenger and merchant vessels, as well as the requirements of offshore applications.

The systems is available as a complete package, skid mounted with all necessary accessories and controls.


Key Features & Benefits

  • All required capacities
  • Perfect water quality
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install and easy to operate
  • Includes:
    - a high pressure pump
    - cartridge filters
    - hgh performance reverse osmosis elements
    - pressure vessels
    - salinity control
    - control panels
    - automatic concentrace displacement device


RWO - SRO Brochure (1.16 MB)


Ultraviolet Disinfection for a safe alternative to chemicals.


Chemical free, high quality fresh water system


Water softening for drinking and technical systems


Highly efficient pre-filtration for the removal of suspended particles.


Mineralisation and De-Acidification for healthy, potable water.

Chemical Dosing Units

Safely treat on board water with chemicals