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The new generation of ballast water treatment from RWO

Ballast water is essential to control trim, list, draught, stability, or stresses of the vessel. However, ballast water may contain aquatic organisms or pathogens which, if introduced into the sea including estuaries, or into fresh water courses, may create hazards to the environment, human health, property or resources, impair biological diversity or interfere with other uses of such areas. 

To counteract this, ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) have been developed to remove and render such organisms non-viable before discharge. Systems have to pass multiple approval criteria defined by the IMO, Classification Societies (Independent Labs) and Flag Administrations. Most importantly the IMO BWMS Code, with the relevant Guidelines (rev.) G8 and G9, as well as US regulations 46 CFR §162.060. US regulations are set to change within the next years, as the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA, 2018) will take effect.

With the consolidation of IMO and US requirements and regulations RWO has decided to provide customers with an (upgraded) treatment solution, setting forth our continued trust in the principles of disk filtration and full-stream electrochlorination.

RWO was among the first marine equipment manufacturers to develop and have approved a BWTS. Having sold about a hundred CleanBallast systems we have accumulated extensive in-house experience and knowledge, allowing us to carry CleanBallast into its second generation. This said, we can proudly state that our first installation, dating back to 2008, remains operational with one of our heavy-lift customers, keeping the vessel in full compliance.

A letter of intent was signed with Independent Lab DNV GL in 2018 while type approval testing of this second generation CleanBallast BWTS in the meantime has advanced to shipboard testing stage.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully reworked, second generation Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Use of full-stream electrochlorination principle
  • Unique and proven disk-filter technology
  • Single-pass disinfection
  • Stable operation, even in estuarine port environments with high sediment loading
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Covers full salinity range
  • Will come with full approval set:
    – USCG (46 CFR §162.060)
    – IMO BWMS Code / revised G8
    – Active Substance:  Basic and Final Approvals granted in accordance with latest GESAMP-BWWG Methodology (rev.4)  Regulation (EU) No 528/2012
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