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Sand Filter SAF-COM

The Sand Filter SAF-COM is widely used as a pre-filtration step for fresh and process water treatment.

The SAF-COM removes suspended particles such as bacteria and other micro-organisms. The system ensures high process efficiency through further filtration steps for fresh and process water treatment (such as our Seawater Reverse Osmosis plant SRO-COM.)

The process

The Sand Filter SAF-COM is a closed filter system where the filter media are chosen according to the raw water quality. These materials retain the turbidity in the filter. When the capacity of the filter is exhausted, the filter material will be backwashed.

The dirt particles are rinsed out of the sand in the sand scrubber using filtered water. The rinsed sand trickles onto the sand filter bed and is available for further filtration. The dirt particles are removed from the system using the backwash water.

Easy handling

The sand filter has a long life-cycle and is easy to operate. This plug-and-play unit does not need any electrical and pneumatic connections. The filter housings are made of polycarbonate and are available with manual backwashing. The flow rates in the standard program range from 0.42 m³/h to 7.86 m³/h.