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A clear view of your engine room

RWO's 360° 3-D Scan Laser Service: Exact detail threedimensional images of a ship's engine room - and a lot more!

Modelling of the installation of a ballast water treatment system on board a ship

As one of the first ballast water treatment system manufacturers worldwide, RWO acquired its own high-speed 360° 3D scanner. In only a short time RWO is able to create in exact detail three-dimensional images of a ship's engine room. The image gives the shipowner and the shipyard an exact, digital reproduction of the conditions and thus saves costs and effort.

A further benefit is the measurement, accurate to the millimetre, of clearances from the scanned image. This means that time­ consuming surveying work, which normally is necessary for the assessment of the space conditions on board a ship is no longer required. RWO has more than 35 years' experience in the maritime water and wastewater treatment market and ensures sustainability and available during the entire lifetime of the systems through its worldwide service network.

How it works

  • Check for convenient spaces to place the CleanBallast®
  • components 3D scans of the most appropriate areas
  • Photo shooting with different angles
  • Evaluation of the as-built ballast piping system (to minimize modifications)
  • Documentation of positions of important components