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05/12/2017 - Bremen

MV Heidi runs with a RWO “OWS WZ” for almost 40 years

Remarkable spare parts order for RWO’s Oily Water Separators

Bremen, May 12th 2017 - RWO Veolia received a remarkable spare parts order for one of its Oily Water Separators. The vessel “MV Heidi” of the Norwegian owner “Myklebusthaug Management AS” runs with an OWS WZ, one of RWO/Veolia’s oldest Oil Water Separators for bilge water ever sold. For almost 40 years after its installation (1978), the system still running and is an excellent proof of high technological quality made in Germany.

With an accurate maintenance, the Installation on board of “MV Heidi” (built in 1979) is a proof for the sustainability and efficiency owners can achieve by using the technology of RWO/Veolia. After having currently sold the 15,000th Oily Water Separator, the company is not just proud of the high demand of its products, but also the long-lasting quality of the technology.

15,000 Oily Water Separator with the Brand RWO plying the seas

The newest model of RWO’s oily water separator (OWS-COM) was introduced in 2014. As all other oily water separators from RWO, the OWS-COM is a suction type model and meets the requirements of the latest IMO Resolution MEPC. 107(49). To underline the top performance of the bilge water treatment solution, RWO has optimized the two-steps-filtration process which is a combination of a highly effective open permeable original RWO coalescer together with a second stage hydrocarbon polisher. 

Consumables Kits for more safety and reliability

Based on decades of experience and the reliable performance of the oily water separators, RWO has developed and optimized Consumable Kits according to operational requirements. With these kits, the operator now not only has the certainty to obtain the original RWO consumable parts, but he gets them bundled in a set to be safe and to minimize risks during the whole lifetime of the system.