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Press - RWO

08/12/2015 - Bremen

RWO presents new sewage treatment plant CleanSewage Bio

New system features extremely low space demand and crew-friendly operation concept

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The portfolio of Bremen-based water treatment manufacturer RWO has a new family member. CleanSewage Bio is certainly an attack on the wastewater treatment market, one-side-access to the system gives significant space savings while great efforts were put into an easy and understandable handling concept.

"We are pleased to present a system to the market which combines the success of our former wastewater series Biopure and WWT-LC with some new features that even our customers may not have thought about yet. The one-side-access of the plant is certainly one of those features. But we've listened carefully to our partners and identified some needs that CleanSewage Bio adapts in the best way possible," Chief Sales Officer Florian Schmidt-Bormann proudly explains.

One side access as a new way in ship design

The one-side-access of CleanSewage Bio does indeed give significant space savings in the engine room, allowing planning without maintenance space at both sides and the back of the system. Together with a very compact system design, the space demand is up to 25% smaller than its competitors, depending on the capacity.

To ease operation and bring failure rates to the lowest possible, RWO has developed an intuitive status control which enables checking the plant's status at a glance. By the internationally understandable traffic light principle three LEDs signal if the system is running or an intervention is necessary. Inside the switchbox, every aggregate can be controlled manually to adjust the settings of the system to the individual travel route - a feature that enables savings in consumables and lowers total cost of ownership.

Designed from the crew's standpoint

Besides that, RWO has improved the treatment process with some details that make the handling of the plant much more comfortable for the crew. The system works according to the proven treatment principle with a biological two-chamber process; only in the last part is chlorination necessary. The chemicals used are non-flammable and employed at many places in the ship's daily routine. In terms of maintenance the system is substantially more hygienic. The biofilm carriers of the Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) are clustered in baskets, they can be easily removed from the tank and do not have to be taken out by hand or broom together with the organic load. The sieve to hold back solids is now cleaned automatically; it can be emptied without contact with faeces. Non-degradable solids can be pumped out without the sieve having to be disassembled. The plant's own discharge pump is suitable for this.

"Together with RWO's oily water separator OWS-COM, CleanSewage Bio forms the cutting edge of the company's broad water treatment portfolio," Schmidt-Bormann continues. "We are proud to offer systems for total water management on board in high quality, designed and manufactured in Germany with one contact person for all inquiries, be it drinking water, ballast water or wastewater treatment. This is what we've done in the last 40 years and we will continue this way in future."