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Press - RWO

06/19/2015 - Bremen

Having a foothold in the ballast water market

RWO moulds out its strategy for CleanBallast

It's been a difficult year in the ballast water market so far. Quite close to ratification, new regulations show up on the horizon, and old ones are put under discussion, piling the pressure on system requirements and manufacturers. In this volatile setup, Bremen-based manufacturer RWO, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, moulds its strategy for the CleanBallast system.

Dr. Christian Ausfelder, Managing Director of RWO, explains: "Considering the uncertain situation in the ballast water market and the unforeseeable rules which will affect us in the future we are currently offering CleanBallast under the conditions of IMO certifications only."

Due to RWO's good partnership with its clients, CleanBallast is a trusted alternative on the ballast water market.

"We are in close contact with our customers, who understand and appreciate our considerate approach. We are confident that this strategy is the best one to maintain our healthy and long-lasting relationship with our clients."

"Apart from that: the treatment performance of CleanBallast has always fulfilled the rules to be expected at the time and is duly IMO-certified. In addition, it has been accepted as an Alternate Management System by the USCG since April 2013. Considering this, RWO has no reason to exit the ballast water market. We believe in our product and are convinced of its technical refinement."

The company is now actively observing and evaluating the situation in the ballast water market, especially in terms of the USCG and revised G8 regulations. As one of the leading technology companies in marine water treatment, it is well connected with several institutions in the marine business and is now collecting as much reliable information as possible until the right moment for taking the next step has come. The acceptance of CleanBallast as an AMS is valid until 2018.