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RWO in Touch with the Maritime World

Hamburg, September 05, 2014 - It's been a good year for Bremen-based RWO so far. In April the company announced a 30% revenue-increase in its core business, and also the ballast water business comes up with some important news. But some more things have changed at RWO, what can clearly be seen at this year's SMM at booth A1.218.

The integration of another filter option for CleanBallast is the result of a close collaboration between RWO and European shipowners. The lower space demand makes it ideal for retrofits.

'The RWO Bonus - that's how we call it - is the result of a careful market analysis and important talks to our partners and customers' says Andreas Rosebrock, Sales Director at RWO.'Since 1975 we have been manufacturing high-quality products for maritime water management and our portfolio has grown to cover nearly the whole range of water treatment applications onboard a ship. In discussions with our customers we have seen that there are many topics keeping ship owners and shipyards busy, but they cannot be solved with a good piece of technology alone. It is time that our colleagues throughout the maritime world benefit from 40 years of expertise in water treatment in another way than just the technological part."

Much more than a piece of good technology

With the'RWO Bonus' the company has not just developed another service product. It is more like a toolbox with tailor-made equipment, and every tool is developed along customer's needs. First ship owners have already shown interest in the concept and the company is confident to establish a good and sustainable partnership with the European shipping world.'The feedback so far has been very well' says Rosebrock'and every discussion and every meeting plays a part in contributing to improve and extend our offers day by day."

Visible outcome of a strong collaboration

A first outcome of these discussions can be seen at RWO's booth A1.218. Following the demand for higher flexibility in installations and retrofits, RWO has completed its CleanBallast® system with a new filter option. The new screen filter comes with a smaller footprint while at the same time producing excellent effluent results. The piping efforts have been reduced and also the demand for installed power. Future customers benefit from a different cost profile compared to the DiskFilter used so far. But the tried-and-tested DiskFilter also has its advantages. Especially in water with high sediment load the robust system is not limited in is performance and can absorb the workload caused by particles and dirt. The automatic backflushing of the filter ensures long lifetime and low operational cost. RWO's customers now have a free choice, being supported by RWO's experts to determine what is suitable for their retrofit- and newbuild- projects.

New Oily Water Separator OWS-COM

Taking pride in its core-products, RWO has also revamped its oily water separator and presents the new OWS-COM at their booth. In June the company has celebrated the order No. 14,000, being market leader in oil water separation for some years already. The new separator is much more compact than its predecessor, maintenance and handling have been eased with constructional refinement. Thereby the tried-and-tested treatment principle remained untouched.

At SMM the changes inside RWO become obvious at first sight. Since May the company has a new logo, now visibly connected to its mother company Veolia Water Technologies. RWO has been a subsidiary of Veolia since 2004.

'The support that we are getting with a company like Veolia behind us ensures a stable and healthy development in volatile times. Nobody is connected to the maritime world more than RWO is. We have been taking care of marine water since 40 years and that won't change in the future. With RWO, shipowners and shipyards have a partner at their side, one they can count on any time."