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Advantages of OEM filter cartridges for Oily Water Separators

Advantages of OEM filter cartridges for Oily Water Separators

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The two main consumables for gravity and filter based OWS are coalescers, which are used in the first stage to remove contaminants and impurities and carbon filter cartridges, that separate emulsions into their components in the second stage.

There are many different providers of consumables on the market, which can roughly be divided into OEM and non-OEM manufacturers. While OEM supply genuine parts which fit into the product and have the OEM’s guarantee, non-OEM supply simple aftermarket parts. 

Furthermore, Oily water separator IMO approval tests are conducted using OEM genuine parts whilst non-OEM aftermarket parts are usually not part of the IMO testing phase. Aftermarket parts can also vary in their level of legality: Counterfeit goods, for example, are unlawful, whereas simply offering consumables which fit into OEM’ products is acceptable on a legal basis. Genuine parts and aftermarket parts can have a seemingly similar level of quality and design but will often differ in price. Generally speaking, aftermarket parts are offered at a lower price than genuine parts.

Due to the lower price offers and a lack of readily available information, ship owners and operators’ purchasers are easily tempted to buy non-OEM consumable filters.

So if there is no difference in quality of the materials and ultimately performance, how can the price of non-OEM aftermarket parts be noticeably cheaper compared to OEM genuine parts? 

To answer this question we have conducted a performance test of filter cartridges in our OWS product comparing our genuine filters with the ones offered by two major German non-OEM suppliers. The tests were carried out in a Germany based test facility and conducted by an engineer over several hours under IMO test conditions. The results were verified by an independent water analysis laboratory and can be read by clicking on the image on the right. 

Risks of using non-OEM consumables

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