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Capabilities and case studies

To date, RWO has equipped more than 15,000 ships and offshore installations with high-quality water and waste water treatment products.

Moree than 600 ships and offshore installations are fitted with RWO equipment every year.

Capabilities - RWO's Ballast Water Treatment System CleanBallast


CleanBallast is one of the few systems that can demonstrate a longer operational duration in commercial application. To date CleanBallast has been already selected by customers from countries all over the world such as China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the Netherlands for bulker, container, heavy lift, multi purpose and tanker vessels.

Case studies:

CleanBallast References

Customers from all over the world put their trust in CleanBallast:

Capabilities -  RWO's Oily Water Separators


RWO has supplied over 14,000 units of its Oily Water Separators. At the end 2012 RWO launched an updated version, offering a smaller footprints and adhering to the 5ppm standard. RWO's Oily Water Separators can be installed on any kind of vessel as well as offshore platforms.

Capabilities - RWO's Reverse Osmosis unit

RWO's Reverse Osmosis desalination systems provide excellent drinking water and/or process water quality to a number of merchant vessels, cruise vessels, FPSO's as well as offshore platforms.

Our Reverse Osmosis desalination systems can be found onboard the FPSO ship Girassol or the Cruise vessel Costa Romantica.