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More than 14,000 of RWO's oily water separators are on their way over the seven seas. Separating oil from water is the business we've grown up with - and clearly know how to do it. Choose RWO and you can sleep well!

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  • Future Day at RWO

    April 2015: RWO shows Girls and Boys how to protect the seven seas and always have clean water on board.

    Joining a national initiative, RWO invited children from 11-15 years to'Future Day' at RWO, introducing them to experience working in the maritime branch and in a technical profession.

    The kids took part in a rallye to find out which way an oily water separator takes through RWO, starting from an interested customer until finally after sales services takes care of the customer. In the afternoon, all attendees could try what it mean to work at a plant and machinery installer, making nameplates from metal and working on a small pocket lamp.

    The team of RWO enjoyed being with the kids and showing them new possibilities for their future life. We look forward to Future Day 2016!

  • New Partner in Croatia

    January 2015: RWO welcomes Croatian engineering company Nautica Sigmarine d.o.o. as our new agent for Croatia!

    Since 1994 Nautica Sigmarine provides project and technical support services in shipping and shipbuilding areas. The company's staff of experienced engineers originate from Croatian shipbuilding industry and have valuable skills in various disciplines related to the marine industry.

  • Relaxing in full sail

    On Thursday, July 10th RWO set sail together with partners and friends of the company. Under full sail we enjoyed fantastic views on the river Elbe, crossing between the famous dry dock "Elbe 17" and cruise ships leaving the port of Hamburg.

  • New agent in Japan

    RWO welcomes Japanese engineering company N.Y. Co. as our new agent for Japan!

    The company was founded 1976 by Mr. Noriyoshi Yoshikawa, and has always had a strong technical background. Shinya Yoshikawa, today's president of N.Y. Co. leads the company with excellent knowledge, aiming towards high satisfaction of our customers.

  • Russian River Register certifies RWO's oily water separator

    RWO's oily water separator SKIT-S DEB has gained approval from Russian River Register RRR and therewith adds another inportant certification to a long row of successes for RWO's classic.

    More than 14,000 ships have already been equipped with RWO's oily water separators since RWO started its business in 1975. As its predecessors the SKIT/S-DEB type uses a combination of highly effective open porous coalescer with automatic backfl ushing, together with a second stage emulsion breaking oil and hydrocarbon polisher.
    The periodical backfl ushing keeps the coalescer surface clean and offers long lasting operation without attendance and lowest maintenance, according to IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49).
    The excellent and long experience with the RWO coalescing type oily water separator guarantees a high performance standard.

RWO now part of the GeMax initiative

The German Maritime Export Initiative goes web and RWO is part of it! The initiative is an association of German maritime suppliers working closely with financing institutions. For "Made in Germany" is still an international value and now even more competitive.

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